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Connecting Virtual and Physical Through Photography


I am based in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, and work as a photographer. My main field is VRChat, but I am also available for shooting in Cluster, NeosVR, and real-world settings. I can provide one-on-one guidance for beginners in the metaverse. Please feel free to contact me for inquiries or consultations through the contact form.

How I started my activities

In December 2017, I discovered Vtubers (Virtual YouTubers) and around the same time, I learned about “VRChat,” one of the metaverses. Feeling the desire to join, I gradually assembled my PC through installment payments for about a year before my first participation. After a while, I purchased Oculus Quest 1 and started playing in VR mode, and that’s where I am now.

In October 2021, spurred by the NFT boom, I began engaging with artists and started seriously pursuing photography, contemplating, “What can I contribute?” Currently, I continue creating artworks and engage in event photography.


2022 - 8

Holding a Metaverse Photo Exhibition on Vketcloud

2022 - 12

Virtual Conference 2022 Photography

2023 - 5

Solo Exhibition "Fake Photo Exhibition" to be held in Ebisu

2023 - 6

Translation: RealSound Tech Interview: Talking to Virtual Photographer Amaneko about Dissolving the "Boundary" between Virtual and Real Worlds by Conveying the "Heat" of the Virtual World (jp only)

2023 - 7

Photography for Vket 2023 Summer PR (No link provided)

2023 - 8

Translation: "Ponpoko 24 Vol.7" Commercial Adoption

2023 - 10

Recipient of the KAIYOU HYPER POP AWARD 2023 - NASHIKO Momotuki Award

2023 - 11

Exhibiting my work at the group exhibition "Art Photograph Group Show" at Recto Verso Gallery.

2023 - 12

Virtual Conference 2023 Photography

2023 - 12

"MoguLive" Gathering Comments from 24 Virtual Creators - Memories of 2023 and Goals for 2024? - Contribution (jp only)

2023 - 12

【VRChat】Released a Photo Gallery World

2023 - 12

【VRChat】Opened a Group Community

2024 - 1

The video I created for VRCNYE2024 was screened.

2024 - 1

I appearanced Nashiko momotsuki Youtube channel

2024 - 5

Virtual photography showcase 2024 organizing

2024 - 6

Raindance immersive 2024 After party Core staff

2024 - 6

REAL✖️VIRTUAL VR PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION Supported by FUJIFILM Direction support , Exhibitior

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